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The Power of Permanence: 2019 Philanthropic Trends Report

Dec 1, 2019

For 95 years, The New York Community Trust has served as New York's community foundation— managing charitable funds on behalf of donors and granting more than $4.6 billion to support nonprofits.But where, exactly, does that money go? Which causes do philanthropically minded New Yorkers care most about? And how has their giving changed over the years?To answer these questions, we mined The Trust's data and interviewed and surveyed scores of living donors tocreate this 2019 Philanthropic Trends Report, a first ever portrait of giving in America's largest city, including its Long Island and Westchester suburbs.Since much of that activity has occurred during the past two decades, we've paid special attention to the past 20years of data. Among the key findings:* Donors have contributed $2.4 billion to The Trust since 1998—an average of nearly $113.6 million annually.* During this same time period, The Trust and its donors have granted nearly $157.2 million annually.* The Trust's donors are more likely than those in other parts of the U.S. to support human services, the environment, arts and culture, and education.* The Trust's donors and their professional advisers say they expect to give at a similar rate in 2019 as they did in 2018.