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Giving in Minnesota, 2012 Edition

October 16, 2012

The Minnesota Council on Foundations (MCF) has produced its Giving in Minnesota, 2012 Edition research report, the most comprehensive analysis of charitable giving in the state. The 2012 edition features Minnesota giving in 2010, the most recent time period for which complete data are available. The report includes information about overall giving by foundations, corporations and individuals in Minnesota, along with detailed grantmaking trends by the Giving in Minnesota sample, which is comprised of 100 of the states largest grantmakers based on grants paid.

Working Towards Diversity IV

November 1, 2011

Working Towards Diversity IV, released in 2011, paints a comprehensive picture of demographics, policies and practices on diversity and inclusion of Minnesota grantmakers. Survey results and analysis, focus group summaries and highlights from leadership profiles illustrate an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in philanthropy in the state.