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Oregon Capital Scan: A Line is Drawn

September 16, 2014

This report was written with the primary intention of helping to educate entrepreneurs and growth company leaders with respect to the variety and scale of capital sources currently available in the State. It is not uncommon for those seeking to enter the capital markets as an entrepreneur to possess a limited understanding of where capital can be found. This knowledge gap leads to a level of perceived risk uncertainty that inhibits company formation and growth. This report is not intended to instruct entrepreneurs in the skills required to secure funding, rather it is intended as a catalog of source data to enlighten as to the many different types of capital available. This report is also intended for policy makers and those who work to support the development of a thriving growth company ecosystem in the State. This includes the sponsors of this report who seek to find new ways to bring together education and resources to enhance the ability of those who choose to build their companies in Oregon. This report can serve as a baseline of quantitative data that may help everyone to better understand where we are as a State now, with respect to the key ingredient of growth capital, and help us measure our progress and improvements over time.