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The Case for Investing in King County’s Black-Led Organizations

August 17, 2020

Black residents in King County have faced immeasurable layers of harm, due to systemic racism, redlining, underemployment, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the implementation of systematic barriers, which have prevented Blacks from accessing traditional pathways to wealth and economic security in the region. In alignment with its commitment to advancing racial equity and in support of Black residents, Seattle Foundation invested in learning how to better support the work of Black-led organizations (BLOs) through a partnership with Byrd Barr Place and Cardea. The project team worked to explore the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for alignment across BLOs.The intent of this report is to enhance funders' understanding of local BLOs, so they can provide tailored philanthropic support that meets the needs of BLOs and so BLOs in the King County region can better understand each other's work.

Giving with Goals: A Workbook for Donors Who Want to Give Strategically

February 25, 2013

A giving plan can be a powerful tool. It can help personalize giving and make sure one's contributions are as strategic and meaningful as possible. By tailoring one's giving plan to your style and personality - or your family's - you can identify the kinds of gifts that best reflect your vision and values. Whether formal or informal, these plans not only help make your philanthropy satisfying, they can also help guide future generations.This workbook, along with The Seattle Foundation's Giving with Goals workshop, is intended to help identify values and the issues you care about, establish goals and strategies for giving, involve family members and evaluate the nonprofits in which you invest.

A Healthy Community: Strategies for Effective Giving

June 4, 2009

Offers a guide to donors on strategies to maximize their support for nonprofits serving the Seattle region. Outlines trends in basic needs, environment, economy, education, arts and culture, community, and health. Profiles effective programs and donors.

A Healthy Community: What You Need to Know to Give Strategically

January 1, 2006

Offers a guide for individual donors to develop effective strategies to support organizations that serve residents in the Seattle region. Outlines significant trends affecting underserved groups, and profiles successful programs. Includes donor stories.