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As we talked with Hispanics in Silicon Valley about giving and volunteering, and as we reviewed our survey data, these three words kept coming up. Again and again, those we talked with mentioned family ties, religious traditions, and their sense of community as driving factors in their ownvolunteerism and philanthropy.

For Silicon Valley Hispanics, community is defined by people, rather than by geography or neighborhood. Family comes first, with 88% of Hispanics deriving a sense of communityfrom family members, and 50% from friends. Many of those we interviewed said la familia is much more than family and friends; and that it includes neighbors and the broader Hispanic community as well. In fact, local Hispanics are more likely to derive a sense of community from their own ethnicgroup (53%) than either Caucasians (31%) or Asians (40%). This strong sense of cultural identity and cultural pride often influences how local Hispanic residents give, volunteer, and get involved.