For Generations to Come: Chinese American Philanthropy in the Bay Area

Mar 13, 2014
  • Description

In order to understand better philanthropy among Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley Community Foundation commissioned this report, sponsored by the Chinese American Community Foundation in which active Chinese American donors were asked about their giving practices and preferences. Interviews were conducted with 33 Chinese American individuals who encompassed a range of ages, origins, and counties of residence in the Bay Area. To address the questions motivating this report, participants were asked to describe the values and vision that guide their charitable giving. They spoke about their appreciation for the opportunities they had, and their desire to give back by making the world a better place. Linking the past to the future, they voiced their aspirations for the next generations, especially of Chinese Americans, that they may have those same opportunities and eventually contribute to the community through their leadership and philanthropy. Their efforts emphasize creating opportunities for all, but especially for children, youth, and young adults, by supporting schools (both locally and in China), creating university scholarships, and serving on boards of universities and leadership development organizations. In addition to their focus on the future, participants spoke of their passion for a wide variety of causes that contribute to the community, society, and the environment in the present.