Learning to Lead: The Journey to Community Leadership for Emerging Community Foundations: Case Studies

Apr 13, 2012
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These are the stories of real community foundations and the journey to define and embrace community leadership on their own terms:

Making Connections to Achieve Tangible Results: Fresno Regional FoundationAs this community foundation learned to convene and connect local groups working on related issues, it also encountered the challenges of choosing right-sized projects that suit its mission, and sometimes saying "no."

Helping Boost Philanthropy and Nonprofit Effectiveness: Kern Community Foundation

Gaining deep experience in an issue area gave this community foundation the credibility and confidence to lead more broadly and invest in an online community knowledge resource.

Responding to Rising Needs: San Luis Obispo County Community Foundation

Facing a statewide budget crisis, this community foundation rose to the challenge by facilitating dialogue and mobilizing local organizations; in the process, it established a reputation for leadership and opened the door to additional opportunities.