On Board: Engaging the Full Potential of Community Foundation Directors: Tools of Engagement

May 24, 2012
  • Description

These resources were developed by and for emerging community foundations seeking to more deeply engage their boards.

Interests and Capabilities Questionnaire

Community foundation board chairs or executives administer this series of questions to gauge the capabilities and interests of a new board member. This tool can be used as a formal questionnaire or as part of a casual, "getting to know you" conversation. These questions can also be posed to existing board members on an ongoing basis, enabling leadership to track shifts in interests and commitments over time. Tracking cumulative responses of all board members provides a big picture that can inform overall board development planning.

Self-Assessment and Action Plan

Board members complete this multipart tool to assess their own contributions to the board, as well as the effectiveness of the board as a whole. It also invites board members to express concerns and ideas for making the board stronger and to establish a personalized plan for the year. Completing this tool can be part of a facilitated meeting focused on board engagement.

Engagement Tracker

Chief executives and chairpersons use this tool to assess board-wide engagement levels and plan strategies for raising the bar. These leaders may find it helpful to compare their own assessment of a board member's engagement with individual board member perception surfaced via the self-assessment tool.

Meeting Assessment tool

At the end of each board meeting, members can complete this tool to share their constructive feedback on the quality of the session and to make suggestions for the next meeting.