Volunteering in Oregon: Volunteer Recognition Brief

Jan 01, 2016
  • Description

The Volunteering in Oregon project, conducted in 2016 and funded by The Oregon Community Foundation, sought to explore key questions related to volunteering in Oregon among nonprofits in the state. The VIO project included a statewide electronic survey with nonprofit organizations, an electronic survey with volunteers within these nonprofits, interviews with representatives from nonprofit organizations and case studies of three organizations with robust volunteer programs. Ultimately, the aim of the VIO project was to identify recommendations and action steps for how OCF and its partners might best encourage and support effective volunteer engagement and service in Oregon. To read the full report, please visit oregoncf.org/VIO2016.

This brief is one of three from the VIO project, focusing on specific and/or innovative practices of Oregon non-profits to recognize volunteers, e.g., express appreciation of volunteers and acknowledge the impact of their work. The other two briefs focus on volunteer recruitment and engagement. What follows is a summary of key volunteer recognition practices, described by organizations and volunteers involved in the VIO project.